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Artificial Intelligence Platform, Using Recognition and Data Science, we extract Enterprise data, analyze it with Customer behavior and help your Customer service and operations teams get actionable insights that improve overall customer experiences, drive conversions and reduce costs.

Device Manager: Create an Intelligent Enterprise with Advanced operational Collaboration and Insights

IIOT: Industrial Internet of things. Connect devices, embed IoT data into business processes and build your IoT applications

Humana: End to end solution for all your human capital needs. Self service, approvals and document management

Agile AMS: AI-driven IT and application maintenance. Automation of manual work and information in hand and on the go

Digital Boardroom: Improve boardroom decision-making with real-time, accessible insights

Opus: Uberize your maintenance workforce and ensure asset performance. Map supply to demand with an integrated control center

Lorem: Mobile-first customer experience. Provides seamless omnichannel experience

Data Man: Keep data accurate, up-to-date, augmented, and complete. Data cleansing and enrichment services with customizable integrators

Geo: Geocoding of all your assets and customer information. Reverse geocoding. Geo location-enabled processes

Connect: Scalable Human Machine interface with customizable engine. Built on ANSI/ISA-95 and ISA-101 standards

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