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Customer Experience

Entuber Vue - CX

An organic amalgamation of SAP’s operational database with unstructured data, incorporating vector embedding and the use of Large Language Models (LLMs). This approach unlocks a deeper level of customer experience insights, not only achieving but also sustaining a high level of customer satisfaction.

Leveraging SAP RAP (Restful Application Programming) models combined with OData interfaces, Customer Vue offers a future-proof, stable, and scalable solution that aligns with evolving SAP technologies.

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Customer Engagement

Entuber Vue - CE

Whether your customers are savvy self-servers or seek one‑on‑one chats with personalized assistance, Entuber Digital Engagement Platform fits their needs. We can help your business acquire, retain and serve all customers at all times.

Intelligent, automated offerings ensure your customers find answers quickly, instead of waiting in long phone queues while agent‑assisted interactions deliver personalized, relevant information for customers on any device, anywhere they go.

Deliver the best digital customer experience. Reduce contact center costs. Experience better conversion rates. Save time for your company—and your customers.

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Operational Excellence

Entuber Vue - opX

An increasingly diverse business environment and mobile workforce has caused top performers to deploy their workflow solutions on mobile devices. 

Today's organizations change the ways that they are doing business to become more efficient, agile, and effective. More employees are working in roles away from their desks and challenges  associated with using paper documents have come to the forefront.

Entuber mobile operations will bring uberization to your organization instantly.

Entuber Vue 360

AI driven SAP soltion

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